VOLKSWAGEN Amarok 3.0 Bi TDI (2017)

The purchase request is for Export out of Europe.
Multiple pickups acceptable
All damages and costs must be verified.
Please submit photos and survey for verification.
Additional information:
The first lot of 10 SUV´s is requested for asap.
Additional lots (20 > 50) SUV´s is to be delivered according to the agreed schedule.
Note: time delivery schedules are available upon approval off offer.

WANTED Verified lister Secure transactions

This is a listing on our terminal from a verified trader accredited with MEX ID 57893397, regarding 1 SUV of manufacturer type Volkswagen and model name Amarok 3.0 Bi TDI, with production year of 2017.

On ETS Terminal, you can conduct safe cross-border trade thanks to our cutting-edge trading technology and solutions. Whereas our trade desk takes care of the entire process — from listing to fulfillment.

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optimum atlas trading features
optimum atlas trading features